Confused and Confuggled!

Man! I don’t know about all y’all, but EYE am CONSTANTLY forgetting passwords for my blogs and fb pages! STILL!  ANd, I am STILL an old dog trying to not only learn new tricks, BUT REMEMBER them after words! I still don’t know how to upload pics from my phone ON TO those pages and blogs. And I STILL don’t know how to use and navigate and whatever elserate, social medias like Twitter, and Flickr, and, what IS that other one where everybody is promoting stuff these days via pictures? For some dumb reason, it’s name is escaping me right now!  I’m sure y’all know how it is; it is like, right there on the tip of your tongue and you can almost say it, but it just won’t spill off that tip! Aaaarghhhh. Soooo fuhssstrayting it is! Well, I hope my brain comes up to speed sometime soon! In the meantime, have yourself a merry little blessed day. Peace out. Till the next time.

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