Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks:Part II

So my second day to post a blog and another day of  food lifestyle research. Am I ready for this? Not really, but I’m a stubborn cuss so I’ll do it anyway.  Went looking for other blogs of people dealing with Type II Diabetes, found one that was kinda sorta what I was looking for, and then again not. been feeling crappy all day. Even laying down on the couch for a couple of hours. I really DO NOT like days this. Still, managed to slog back into ‘food studies’. Of course, that means I’m checking out — wait for it — other peoples blogs about food lifestyles and where initiallly I was excited I am now disheartened. There’s Paleo, Primal, Primal/Paleo, Gluten-free, Gluten-free,Grain-free, Gluten-free,Grain-free,Dairy and let us not forget liven a Life O’Low Carb!  All I really want are good ideas and recipes for adding good anti-oxidant vegetables, and most especially a “What to Keep  In Your Pantry”  list of foods. And, well quips and quotes from others struggling with their diabetes.  Little tidbits of sits that they have found a way to ‘power thru’. Is that asking too much? Yes, yes, there are plenty ‘blogs’ out there, but they are basically a personal diary, like logging on all my food intake on MyPal Calorie Counter or some other of the like.  Not exactly what I was looking for. Okay,okay, yeah I don’t mind a bit about how one’s day is going, like: “Today I have done great as far as carbs go…” and I could read a WHOLE page if it was entertaining along the way. ALSO, there were blogs out there that look so….commercial with advertisers and stuff and a tremendous amount of good info. Which is good too. I’ve even come across a couple who have categories of what they eat and what they don’t eat. And I guess there is something wrong with me because, while I found it fascinating, I just thought to myself “and that helps me how?”, knowing I should find some kind of clue in there, yet just not getting it. And who am I? Certainly no improvement becausehere I am not adding anything new or special or grabbing that anyone else is ever gonna see but me, and it will still come out like a dinkin’ diary! And I come full circle, because that was why I decided to start this in the first place! To chronicle my journey of the road to reversing my diabetes.

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