Teaching an old dog some new tricks.

Today is a new day. As it is for everybody,I suppose. It’s new for me because I have never blogged before and have only recently started reading blogs of others. I found some fascinating and others that I couldn’t leave fast enough.  I’m an old dog–just turned 57–and learning to live a LCHF lifestyle is a new trick! I am  having more ‘faleos’  ( to borrow from the Paleo world), than successeos right now and decided that maybe there should be more blogs out there for people just like me. And so I am typing away and trying  to think faster than I can type and maybe Ill get lucky and something amusing and entertaining will show up on the page!  Or maybe not.  Anyway, as I’ve already said, I just turned 57, female, and diagnosed with type II Diabetes 2 years ago, as was my husband. I’m 5-2 and 172 pounds on a good day. Brought my glucose down from the 330’s down to the 130-s and still have a long way to go. Hence the mad search for food lilfestlyle changes that will help me help myself and my family. Six, count ’em, SIX people to take care of here. Oh yeah, gained 10lbs when I started the oral meds for diabetes and statin for cholesterol and can’t seem to lose them. Down 3 and back up four.  Down 4 and up 3 and on and on it seems to go.  Looking forward to logging in some REAL change. Like down 4 that stay down!

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2 Responses to Teaching an old dog some new tricks.

  1. Ashley Clements says:

    Since I have no idea about blogging, I’ll just say good start! I probably won’t understand half of it but hey, I’ll be experiencing it with y’all. So yea. I’ll understand it somewhat 🙂

    Just, no cauliflower. Please, no.

  2. Jessica Clements says:

    The first ‘blog’ is always the hardest because you are knew to it, or so I believe since I have never done a blog of my own. “The first step is the hardest” as they say. Good luck with the LCHF diet.

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