Disease and Thought – the connection.

Disease and Thought – the connection..

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Another Day In The Life Of A Dabbling Diabetic

well, whatever I was going to say is gone thanks to lengthy interruptions! So I will just save this for another day! Oh yes, be sure to add the point of the title: have discovered/realized/ concluded that I have been a dabbling diabetic. Dabbling at doing low carb dieting. That was my train of thought, that as much work as I thought I’d put into the low-carb lifestyle, I am seeing, from the results of my bloodwork, that I have merely been dabbling at it. Well, shoot. I guess I won’t be saving this for another day after all. Oh well. That’s the way this cookie is crumbling.

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks:Part II

So my second day to post a blog and another day of  food lifestyle research. Am I ready for this? Not really, but I’m a stubborn cuss so I’ll do it anyway.  Went looking for other blogs of people dealing with Type II Diabetes, found one that was kinda sorta what I was looking for, and then again not. been feeling crappy all day. Even laying down on the couch for a couple of hours. I really DO NOT like days this. Still, managed to slog back into ‘food studies’. Of course, that means I’m checking out — wait for it — other peoples blogs about food lifestyles and where initiallly I was excited I am now disheartened. There’s Paleo, Primal, Primal/Paleo, Gluten-free, Gluten-free,Grain-free, Gluten-free,Grain-free,Dairy and let us not forget liven a Life O’Low Carb!  All I really want are good ideas and recipes for adding good anti-oxidant vegetables, and most especially a “What to Keep  In Your Pantry”  list of foods. And, well quips and quotes from others struggling with their diabetes.  Little tidbits of sits that they have found a way to ‘power thru’. Is that asking too much? Yes, yes, there are plenty ‘blogs’ out there, but they are basically a personal diary, like logging on all my food intake on MyPal Calorie Counter or some other of the like.  Not exactly what I was looking for. Okay,okay, yeah I don’t mind a bit about how one’s day is going, like: “Today I have done great as far as carbs go…” and I could read a WHOLE page if it was entertaining along the way. ALSO, there were blogs out there that look so….commercial with advertisers and stuff and a tremendous amount of good info. Which is good too. I’ve even come across a couple who have categories of what they eat and what they don’t eat. And I guess there is something wrong with me because, while I found it fascinating, I just thought to myself “and that helps me how?”, knowing I should find some kind of clue in there, yet just not getting it. And who am I? Certainly no improvement becausehere I am not adding anything new or special or grabbing that anyone else is ever gonna see but me, and it will still come out like a dinkin’ diary! And I come full circle, because that was why I decided to start this in the first place! To chronicle my journey of the road to reversing my diabetes.

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Teaching an old dog some new tricks.

Today is a new day. As it is for everybody,I suppose. It’s new for me because I have never blogged before and have only recently started reading blogs of others. I found some fascinating and others that I couldn’t leave fast enough.  I’m an old dog–just turned 57–and learning to live a LCHF lifestyle is a new trick! I am  having more ‘faleos’  ( to borrow from the Paleo world), than successeos right now and decided that maybe there should be more blogs out there for people just like me. And so I am typing away and trying  to think faster than I can type and maybe Ill get lucky and something amusing and entertaining will show up on the page!  Or maybe not.  Anyway, as I’ve already said, I just turned 57, female, and diagnosed with type II Diabetes 2 years ago, as was my husband. I’m 5-2 and 172 pounds on a good day. Brought my glucose down from the 330’s down to the 130-s and still have a long way to go. Hence the mad search for food lilfestlyle changes that will help me help myself and my family. Six, count ‘em, SIX people to take care of here. Oh yeah, gained 10lbs when I started the oral meds for diabetes and statin for cholesterol and can’t seem to lose them. Down 3 and back up four.  Down 4 and up 3 and on and on it seems to go.  Looking forward to logging in some REAL change. Like down 4 that stay down!

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